Workspace Trusted by: Before the puck is dropped or the first pitch is thrown, every game is on the cusp of making history—but only if you know what to look for. SHIFT gives leagues the power to intelligently search through decades worth of historical databases to find the storylines that keep fans on the edge of their seats. Player 2 Slider Reveal the Storyline in Every Game NHL Flat 2020 Logo Shift_SlideBg Fog-Snow-front-Slide1 Hockey-Puck BarChart-Player2_1 EyeToStick Player 2 GloveToStick Player 2 StickToPuck Player 2 PuckSurround Player 2 REQUEST A DEMO

Send Fan Engagement into Overdrive


Get intelligent alerting for record-breaking opportunities


Identify history-making firsts before they occur


Create player matchups for head-to-head comparisons


Publish content immediately to social media and voice-enabled platforms


Receive accurate, league-verified results

Perfect for a League's:


Stats and Information Team


PR Department


Partners and Vendors


Broadcasters and Media

A New Playbook for Leveraging Your Data

SHIFT: Self-service Historical Information Finding Tool

The brilliance of SHIFT is in its flexibility for users. Just type any question into the tool and include as many parameters as you want.


Using proprietary platform algorithms and application logic, SHIFT can extend questions and answers to numerous permutations—instantly revealing sortable and shareable results. All previously saved queries are available in a personalized Streams scroll, allowing quick retrieval and enhanced data management.

Win with Speed and accuracy

SHIFT gives leagues the unprecedented ability to find deep historical answers to complex queries during the game while fans are glued to the action.

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Results can easily be pushed to social media to develop an intriguing in-game storyline as it unfolds in real time. All queries and answers are saved and organized with tags to easily access them in the future, and data is automatically refreshed to maintain accuracy as games are played.