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Give every employee an AI-powered data analyst they can access 24/7 with 100% accuracy.


Ask complex business questions in simple free text


Keep your data secure where it's housed


Be alerted of impactful events and insights in your data


Tailor the application to your business logic

No Hallucinations

Leverage your data with complete confidence

Revenue Generating

Create new revenue streams with SHIFT's robust APIs

Pramana SHIFT is the Generative AI Product Trusted by Industry Leaders

We're Revolutionizing Enterprise Business Intelligence

What Business Intelligence looks like today
Overwhelming dashboards and reports

Relies on arduous and time-consuming research

Relevant data is accessible by very few

Creates error-prone interpretation of data

Real-time decision making is impossible

Fear of inaccuracies and reporting loops create blockers

What tomorrow looks like with Pramana
Talk to your data in conversational free text

Answer your most complex questions with ease

Get verified insights in seconds

Leverage GenAI inside Pramana SHIFT for 100% accuracy

Democratize access to precise data analysis

Create a culture of informed, data-driven decisions

Meet Pramana SHIFT. Ask Your Data Anything

  1. Type your question the way you want and let SHIFT detect what you’re really asking
  2. SHIFT understands misspellings, shortened phrases, even your unique business parlance – making the experience truly conversational
  3. Choose from the suggested questions to view full results with context

Get Trusted Results

  1. Always 100% accurate and verified by your domain expert during implementation
  2. Instant results in summary and row level narratives, tabular data and dynamic visualizations
  3. Adjust the question on the fly and receive new results immediately

Stay Alerted with Insights

  1. Robust narrative pipeline alerts you about impactful changes in your data
  2. Never miss a costly trend or anomaly in your data
  3. Leverage SHIFT APIs to consume or monetize your complex insights in other applications or websites

Simple, elegant and natural access for business users of all levels

Pramana SHIFT easily connects to your data in AWS, Snowflake, Domo, Databricks and more

Pramana in the news

Pramana Recognized as a Top-10 Most Innovative Sports Tech Company by Sports Business Journal

“To understand the reach of technology’s tendrils through the sports industry, look no further than the companies making up Sports Business Journal’s second annual list of the 10 Most Innovative Sports Tech Companies. The group is transforming many facets of the professional sports space. The list was determined based on the companies creating a tech deployment that changed how people view technology and/or shifts how the industry operates because of it; finding a novel way to tangibly enhance the fan experience; or breaking new ground in enhancing athlete performance via technology.

NHL extends partnership with Pramana Labs

“Pramana has exceeded our expectations and we look forward to the future growth opportunities we will pursue together,” said David Lehanski, NHL Executive Vice President, Business Development & Innovation. “We are confident that the League, our partners, and our fans will benefit quite significantly from the expansion of our partnership. The incredible capabilities of Pramana’s technology fused with AI will allow us to enhance other areas of our business and overall operations.”

Equibase, Pramana team up to generate horse racing betting tips

“It will scan the database, and it will look for combinations of hidden events occurring in every race, every track, every day, everywhere in North America, so that if you’re a horse player at Finger Lakes, versus a horse player at Churchill, you still get these statistical pieces of information,” said Pramana CEO Corey Patton.

Beyond the Hype: Exploring the Evolution and Applications of Generative AI

"We use conversational language every day to communicate—we text, we email, we search things on the internet. It’s intuitive and easy. Why should that experience stop when it comes to interacting with business data and critical decision-making? Accessing instant, accurate answers through simple free text is the new paradigm in self-service analytics for users at every level."

Using ChatGPT and Natural Language to Improve your Domo Experience

Learn how ChatGPT might make it quicker to develop in Domo and also see some of the NLQ work we have been doing with our partner Pramana in their SHIFT product (which can be deployed as a Domo app). The underlying technology is always fun to explore, but it comes to life when we can add business context and leverage the power of the Domo platform behind it.