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Business from sports to finance to retail use Pramana SHIFT to query their robust databases to uncover complex insights in seconds. So if you want to know when was the last time a rookie defenseman scored 2 goals in the first period of a regular-season game or what percentage of product returns in the Atlanta store happened before 11am —SHIFT is the only tool you need.

"The SHIFT product developed by Pramana is used by the NHL Stats and Information team to answer complex statistical database queries in near real-time, helping the NHL put on-ice achievements into historical context and share more of that information with Clubs, broadcasters, media and fans quicker than ever."
Peter DelGiacco
Chief Technology Officer, NHL

The most powerful research tool ever invented

Simple, elegant and instant

SHIFT’s NLP-based Search capabilities allow you to ask questions of your database and get instant answers.

Statlines narratives always tell the story

SHIFT intelligently scans your database, automatically creating accurate, up-to-date Statlines prose narratives at scale about events occurring – even when you might not know to look for them.

The Pramana platform is highly versatile

  • A robust, AI-powered web app complete with NLP Search, visualizations, NLG Statlines narratives and more. Also includes out-of-the-box embeddable widgets to enable easy website integration.
  • Search and Statlines APIs are perfect for app and website integrations, voice platforms, media partners,  alerts and more.

Pramana in the news

Pramana Labs’ Shift Tool Creates Two-Way Conversations With Data

"The reason we named it Pramana is because we think there's a two-way conversation with data,” Pramana CEO and co-founder Corey Patton says of the Sanskrit word defined as “means of knowledge.”

Amazon Alexa Teams Up with Pramana to Expand Sports Content

“We want Alexa to be a go-to sports source for all types of fans,” an Amazon spokesperson said in an email. “Our vision is for Alexa to be able to answer any question about any sport, athlete or game/match.”

NHL Data More Valuable Thanks to Startup Pramana's Tool Integration

With data more valuable than ever, the NHL has partnered with a North Carolina startup to get the most out of the league’s historical stats.