Workspace Using natural language processing, Draftpoint unlocks patterns from amateur and professional scouting reports to reveal similarities between players. Matching descriptors and phrases that correlate to past and current players helps teams illuminate how players with those traits have performed on the field. BA_logo_white_v2 Player2-DP Maximize the Value of What Your Scouts Say EyeToElbow-player2 ElbowToBall-player2 baseball-player2-DP BallSurround-player2 Line Graph Player 3 ShiftMLB_Background Draftpoint Logo White REQUEST A DEMO

Find Players with the Most Potential at the Best Value


Leverage decades of scouting expertise


Go beyond stats with AI that can analyze sentiment


Interpret qualitative data to reveal patterns


Discern between draftees with similar stats and Overall Future Potential numbers


Indicate a player’s potential ceiling and floor


Validate selections with similarity analysis


Identify potentially risky draft picks or undervalued sleepers


Compare your pref list to Baseball America’s scouting reports


See insights at a glance with robust visualizations

Perfect for a Club’s Front Office to:


Assess amateur players in the draft


Make strategic trades with other clubs


Recruit players via free agency

Turn Unstructured Data into Actionable Insights

Your Scouts Know Talent. We Know How to Translate What They’re Saying.

You’ve seen that swing before—the hands, the bat speed, the extension; it all looks familiar. Making an accurate comp is half the battle in scouting a prospect at any level. Determined by how your scouting team describes each player and his skills, Draftpoint makes proprietary comps for your club, breaking them down by skill assessments, strength of comp, amateur or professional, and year range.

Clearly See Where Talent Lies

Draftpoint makes it easy to incorporate qualitative assessments of players into your evaluation process and demonstrate comps visually. You can display player insights as a heat map or export Draftpoint’s language-based analysis to Excel, Tableau, Spotfire and more.


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Unlock the patterns in your scouts’ notes and empower better decision-making with Draftpoint.